On Planning

On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee (U.S. second edition cover, from Wikipedia.org)

At this point I’ve spent hours and hours contemplating how to go about this entire process. The main course textbook, On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee, has been a kitchen classic since its first publication in 1984. While it’s fascinating to learn and understand where our foods come from, what they’re made of, and how to cook them correctly (and that’s precisely the reason behind this blog), still, 896 pages of detailed descriptions on food and chemistry can be quite overwhelming.

So I’ve finally sat down this weekend, and put together a plan, with post ideas along the way, preset dates and deadlines. Now the perfectionist in me (while still peeved at the haphazard way I started this blog) is ready to get into the kitchen and start cooking!

Stay tuned! Hot salsa and guacamole coming soon! 🙂